Benicio Del Toro and Jessica Alba Play "Long Story Short" With Jimmy Fallon

The team introduced a new, difficult game to 'The Tonight Show.'

Jimmy Fallon, Benicio Del Toro, Jessica Alba and Miguel joined together to play a new game on The Tonight Show called "Long Story Short."

The game gives players 5 seconds, 3 seconds or 1 second — depending on the round — to describe a movie title in order for their teammate to guess what it is. Del Toro started out the game with a quick, great description of Top Gun and Alba kept everyone laughing later on when she guessed Zoolander on a turn that wasn't hers.

“This is the first time we’ve played this so we don’t really know — we have to iron this out,” Fallon said when Alba asked if people could get more time if they act first and talk later. "This whole game could be under review."

Watch to see the winning team describe Titanic in one second.