Benjamin Herrmann Takes Full Control of Majestic

The veteran production/distribution exec has bought the Berlin-based company from Odeon Film.

COLOGNE, Germany -- Veteran production/distribution executive Benjamin Herrmann has taken full control of indie outlet Majestic, buying 100% of the Berlin-based outfit from owners Odeon Film.
Launched in 2006, Majestic has quickly established itself as one of the country’s primary distributors of German arthouse cinema, with crossover successes including Doris Dorrie’s Cherry Blossoms and Feo Aladag’s When We Leave. Herrmann said Majestic, which was started using cash from Odeon, was now strong enough financially to “stand on its own two feet.”
Majestic plans to release four titles this year: the boxing documentary Klitschko, Marcus H. Rosenmuller’s culture clash comedy Orange, thr tragicomedy Dreiviertelmond (Three Quarter Moon) and Tom Sawyer, Hermine Huntgeburth’s German language adaptation of the Mark Twain classic.