Berenice Bejo Wears Elie Saab Twice During Globes Week - And Hints at More

Berenice Bejo bafta
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The female star of The Artist has a long relationship with the Paris-based Lebanese couturier.

Berenice Bejo, who plays the charming young film star of the early talkies in The Artist - and who is also the wife of the director - is beautiful, chic, svelte and the star of the one of the most popular films of the year. So which designers have been dying to dress her for first foray into Golden Globes week? If you would answer "French designers," you would be right. But if you answer "every designer," you would also be right. But Berenice is remaining loyal to her good friend Elie Saab.

Bejo wore Saab's blue beaded cocktail dress when The Artist picked up best picture and best director at the Critic's Choice Awards this week. At Saturday's BAFTA tea at the Four Seasons, she wore a caramel colored chiffon dress with a belt, which was cut much more carefully than most chiffon dresses. That's because it was another Saab creation. The Lebanese-born designer who shows in Paris often dresses Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker, and famously created Halle Berry's winning Oscar gown. "The Elie Saab people dressed me in Paris when I wasn't famous," Bejo confided to THR at the BAFTA tea. "So I feel I have a friendship with them. I trust them, and I know that in Elie Saab, I will always be chic.

Meanwhile, Bejo confided, "I think I must have tried on 30 dresses for the Golden Globes. I'm French; I'm not used to all this. It's very important to me that whatever dress I wear doesn't overtake my personality. I don't have a stylist; a friend in Paris is helping me. Trust me, no one is going to force me to wear any dress!" Which makes us think she just told us she's wearing Elie Saab to the Golden Globes!