BERLIN 2012: Berlin Festival Honors Sound Pioneer Ray Dolby

Berlin International Film Festival Logo - P 2012

Berlin International Film Festival Logo - P 2012

Berlin festival director Dieter Kosslick will present Dolby with a Berlinale Camera award on Feb. 16.

COLOGNE, Germany - Ray Dolby, the sound engineer who revolutionized cinema acoustics with his Dolby Stereo systems, will be honored at this year's Berlin international film festival with a Berlinale Camera. The honor is presented to film personalities or institutions the Berlin festival feels "particularly indebted to and wishes to thank." The 70-year-old Dolby will travel to Berlin to receive his award at a ceremony on Feb.16.

Dolby's system of using multiple loudspeakers and multi-channel technology - first through his Dolby Stereo system introduced in 1975, later through Dolby Digital surround sound - set new acoustic standards for both theatrical and home cinema.

He received an Academy Award in 1989 for his "contribution to motion picture sound" as well as a lifetime achievement Emmy in 2003. He remains director emeritus of Dolby Laboratories, which he founded in 1965. His son David Dolby sits on the board of directors.

The 62nd Berlin international film festival runs Feb. 9-19.