Berlin 2012: Lucas Foster to Produce Casino Heist Thriller 'The Job' From Brad Mirman Script

European Film Market-Berlin-2011
Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

U.K. sales and finance house GFM Films is developing the $20 million project that's attracting heat at EFM.

BERLIN -- Lucas Foster, whose producer credits include Man on Fire, Law Abiding Citizen and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, is teaming with British indie and finance banner GFM Films, run by market veterans Guy Collins and Michael Ryan, to bring a hard-edged casino heist script, The Job, to the big screen.

Foster has signed to produce the action thriller based on an original screenplay penned by Brad Mirman, whose resume boasts The Shadow Dancer, starring Joshua Jackson, Claire Forlani and Harvey Keitel.

GFM optioned the screenplay in the wake of AFM last year, and it was Mirman who introduced GFM’s Collins and Ryan to Foster. Collins said it says a lot about "the quality and commercial prospects of the project" to have secured Foster's producing chops. "The timing is perfect for us to discuss the film with distributors during the European Film Market in Berlin," he added.

Collins told THR the $20 million budgeted genre piece would likely be set up as a U.K. co-production and will access some investment via the European Investment Scheme.

Collins and Mirman worked together on Highlander 3 and the thriller Knight Moves -- both saw Mirman write the screenplays that secured the greenlight for those movies.

In addition to its film and TV production, finance and sales activities, GFM also has a joint venture with Seven Arts Entertainment to provide marketing and sales services to the company.