Berlin 2013: High Point Media Strike U.K., German and Japan Deals For Horror 'Community'

Community - H 2013

The low budget movie stars Kal Aise, Louis Alderman and Shevvy Alderman and sold to Grindstone for North America in Cannes 2012.

Jason Ford's horror flick, Community has scared up a slew of deals for U.K.-based sales and finance banner High Point Media Group.

The movie details the story of two student filmmakers who go to a British housing project long considered a no-go area for outsiders to mount a documentary about the urban decay.

Billed as a "hoodie horror" referring to a specific type of hooded leisure wear that is associated with anti-social behavior in young people, the movie stars Jemma Dallender, Elliot Jordan and Paul McNeilly.

It bowed at Sitges, Frightfest and is scheduled to unspool during the upcoming Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

High Point inked deal memos with Matchbox Films for U.K., Bridge Rights for Germany, Epcott for Japan, Non Stop for Scandinavia and Rialto for New Zealand.

Buzz for the film has been growing steadily since High Point sold to Grindstone Entertainment for North America, with Lionsgate Home Entertainment handling the release, in a deal struck during the Marche du Film in Cannes 2012.