Berlin 2013: VMI Takes Wesley Snipes' 'Gallowwalkers' to International Buyers

Wesley Snipes
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

The horror action film has Snipes playing a cursed gunman whose victims return as zombies warriors.

VMI Worldwide has picked up world sales rights to Gallowwalkers, a fantasy horror film starring Blade action hero Wesley Snipes as a cursed gunman whose victims return as zombie warriors bent on revenge.

VMI will unspool the feature from director Andrew Goth (Cold and Dark) to international buyers at the European Film Market in Berlin next week. Gallowwalkers is the first Wesley Snipes vehicle up for offer for global distributors in more than three years. The actor's last feature, Game of Death, was released in 2010. VMI is hoping the star of Blade and The Art of War has lost none of his worldwide genre appeal.

"We are very proud to be the company re-introducing Wesley Snipes to our buyers, knowing the strong demand for him to entertain us again' said VMI president Andre Relis.

VMI has taken a similar approach of teaming a star with strong international appeal to a high-concept genre title with its post-apocalyptic action film Scorched Earth featuring Sean Bean and Blood of Redemption, the company's first in-house production, which stars Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones.