Berlin According to ... Agent Josh Braun

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Josh Braun

The Submarine co-president shares his take on the fest.

Your ‘only in Berlin’ moment?

During dinner at Zur Letzten Instanz (great for traditional German fare), a drunken millennial euro-millionaire offered to buy my brother Dan’s hat for 200 euros. Sold!

Your Berlin nightmare story?

Not being able to reach the producers of Citizenfour for three hours while a small handful of buyers stood by to get in a taxi and see five minutes of footage at an undisclosed location.

How do you stay warm in Berlin?

I don’t. I freeze every year.

The best place to escape the fest?

The Strasse des 17. Juni flea market where you can still find vintage German and French Roxy Music 45s.

Most overrated Berlin hotspot?

All of them.

Place to avoid during the fest?

The overrated hotspots.

Advice for a Berlin first-timer?

Don’t eat German food every day. Only every three days.

At Berlin, you should always ...

Find time for karaoke.

At Berlin, you should never ...