Berlin According to ... (Irreverent) Exec Jim Harvey

Courtesy of Jim Harvey
Covert Media's Jim Harvey

The senior vp of international sales at Covert Media shares his take on the fest.

What’s the one item you always take with you to Berlin?

Glowsticks — Germans love glowsticks.

Your best “lost in translation” moment in Berlin?

The police asked us if there was a problem. We said no. He then asked why we crossed the street when the light was red. We had to apologize for not following the rules — even though it was 1 a.m. and there was not a car in sight.

Tips for avoiding the dreaded “Berlin flu”?


Your favorite thing about Berlin?

Berlin is a city with a really fun vibe where you can find something to do every night — without the velvet ropes of Cannes.

The best place to escape the market?

My hotel room. There are buyers and sellers everywhere you turn.

The one place you have to go while you’re there is...

Via Condotti, for the amazing flaming cheese wheel pasta.

Biggest pet peeve about Berlin?

There are no direct international flights from L.A.

Advice for a Berlin first-timer?

Make sure your shoes have grip. I’ve seen a lot of people wipe out on the icy sidewalks rushing around the market. Every year there is at least one sad story of someone heading to the hospital.