Berlin According to...Publicist Maxine Leonard: Never Watch TV in Your Hotel Room

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Maxine Leonard

The president of Maxine Leonard Marketing & Publicity shares her take on the fest.

What’s the one item you always take with you to Berlin?

Harrods #14 tea bags.

Your “only in Berlin” moment?

Standing face-to-face with my hero Wong Kar-wai at the after after after party for the premiere of The Grandmaster. And sitting in the Residents Bar at the Regent Hotel, which holds about 15 people, when in walk the Rolling Stones, Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Tips for avoiding the dreaded “Berlin flu?"

Be happy but also take vitamin C.

Your favorite thing about Berlin?

Where do I start? The city is an enthralling place — the sense of history and renewal feels physical. Then there is the food, the sense of adventure, the creativity, the architecture, the people, THE PEOPLE.

The one place you have to go while you’re there is...

Any of the festival screening venues. The lineup is always so well curated even though we don’t fully realize it until later in the year.

Advice for a Berlin first-timer?

Try out all the new pop-up restaurants — you will never be disappointed.

At Berlin you should always...

Bring layers! And a few cool hats.

At Berlin you should never...

Stay in your hotel room, watching TV and ordering room service.