Berlin 2020 According to Fest Director Sandra Lipski

Sandra Lipski — Publicity — H 2020
Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival

The founder of Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival shares her take on the Berlinale.

Favorite thing about Berlin?

I love the mix of local Berliners and the many cultures that call Berlin their home. It makes for one of the most exciting cities and festivals in the world.

Best place to grab a drink after 3 a.m.?

The Gainsbourg Le Club — Bar Americain at Savignyplatz never disappoints. It’s not close to the usual festival spots, but you will run into a cool, creative and intellectual crowd.

Advice for a Berlin first-timer?

Make a loose plan and then go with the flow. Berlin is magical and anything can happen!

Your "only in Berlin" moment?

Recharging from a busy festival day with a walk around the Krumme Lanke [lake] before diving right back into the film action.

Your Berlin guilty pleasure (what you indulge in while in Berlin, but nowhere else)?

1) I always have a "Berliner" or two (a doughnut with raspberry filling) at one of the small U-Bahn bakeries. 2) Lunch at Monsieur Vuong in Mitte is a must. 3) A visit to the Helmut Newton Foundation (I don’t really feel guilty about that one).

What’s the one thing Berlin’s new management duo should change?

Last-minute tickets are hard to get. I like the "Waitlist" app option for Sundance. Maybe they can make one for Berlin?!

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's Feb. 22 daily issue at the Berlin International Film Festival.