Berlin: 'A Perfect Place' Wins Dialogue en Perspective Prize

'A Perfect Place'

Anatol Schuster's drama follows a German family in the countryside who find their rural way of life is slowly vanishing.

A Perfect Place, a short drama from director Anatol Schuster, has won the Dialogue en Perspective Prize at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival, voted on by the French-German Youth Office.

The film, which screened in the Perspectives on German Cinema section in Berlin, follows a family living in rural Germany who are caught up in changes that are transforming their village, and lifestyle, beyond recognition.

Announcing its decision, the jury said A Perfect Place showed "a genuine interest in the phenomenon of migration from the countryside to the city [with] splendid poetic narrative style and an extraordinary way of establishing the setting of the story, both visually and acoustically."

The Dialogue en Perspective jury is made up of seven German and French film fans aged between 20 and 29, under the direction of this year's jury president, German actress Marie Baumer (The Counterfeiters).