Berlin: Brett Ratner Takes North American Rights to Hitchcock Holocaust Documentary


He is co-financing the completion of the documentary, which is having its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival.

Berlin – Brett Ratner's documentary company, RatPac Documentary Films, has the North American rights to Night Will Fall, a companion piece to Alfred Hitchcock's 1945 documentary on the Holocaust.

Ratner is co-financing the completion of the documentary, which is currently a work in progress. The doc is getting its world premiere in Berlin in return for which he received North American rights.

"It's not a formal acquisition because the film isn't complete. We are financing completion," Ratner told The Hollywood Reporter. He described the project as "awesome."

Ratner is producing with Sally Angel, with executive producers James Packer, directorial adviser Stephen Frears and Richard Melman.

The film is directed by Andre Singer, who produced the The Act of Killing.

The documentary features footage of Nazi concentration camps shot by the British Army Film Unit in 1945. Hitchcock took part as an adviser next to director Sidney Bernstein.