Berlin According to Buyer Gianluca Chakra

Gianluca Chakra - Publicity - P 2019
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The CEO of Front Row Filmed Entertainment gives his take on the fest.

Favorite thing about Berlin?

Straightforward business.

Least favorite thing about Berlin?

I live in the desert so this is Siberia for me.

Best place to grab a drink after 3 a.m.?

In the past, that would have definitely been The Ritz, but now it’s the Maritime. You always know you’re going to run into someone.

The one item you always take with you to Berlin?

Vitamin C. Maybe cream for eventual eye bags starting about day three.

Do you have a Berlin nightmare story?

One year, it was -18 degrees and I had thermal pants under my jeans. Going for a wee was a nightmare.

Advice for a Berlin first timer?

Hang out with veterans who will guide you.

Craziest late-night Berlin memory?

If I have to be sincere and tell the story I guarantee you it would be edited out.

Your “only in Berlin” moment?

“Meet me at the Ritz bar at 6.” That’s a standard line.

Your Berlin guilty pleasure?

The underground trashy bars.

Tips for avoiding the dreaded “Berlin flu”?

Try avoiding late irresponsible nights and drink loads of juices.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's Feb. 10 daily issue at the Berlin Film Festival.