Berlin: Buyers Fall for German Rom-Com 'Blind Date'

Courtesy of StudioCanal
'My Blind Date With Life'

Based on a true story, the film stars Kostja Ullmann as a visually impaired man who manages to bluff his way into a career at one of Munich's finest luxury hotels.

StudioCanal has a sales hit on its hands with German romantic comedy My Blind Date With Life.

The feature, from Sophie Scholl director Marc Rothemund, has sold to some 37 territories, including to Kino Films for Japan, Alpha Filmes for Latin America and Flins & Pinicula for Spain.

Based on a true story, Blind Date stars Kostja Ullmann as a severally visually impaired man who, with the help of his friends, manages to bluff his way into a career at one of Munich's finest luxury hotels. Anna Maria Muhe (Love in Thoughts) co-stars.

"The fact that it is a true story and that it's a really warm-hearted movie about friendship and solidarity is why I think everyone around the world can identify with this film," said Blind Date producer Yoko Higuchi-Zitzmann.

Blind Date has been a box-office hit in Germany, with close to 350,000 admissions and a $3 million-plus take in its first two weeks.

"This is our first experience with a mainstream film in Germany," said StudioCanal president, international distribution & marketing Rodolphe Buet. "It is a key development in our strategy to be a partner for the best directors and filmmakers in Germany."

Buet added that StudioCanal is in negotiations for a U.S. remake of Blind Date and expects to close several major territories on the German original at the European Film Market in Berlin.