Berlin: Competition Entry ‘The Club’ Sells for France, U.K.

Courtesy of Berlin International Film Festival

Wild Bunch and Network Releasing pick up Chilean director Pablo Larrain's new film.

Chilean director Pablo Larrain’s Berlin competition entry The Club has sold to Wild Bunch for France and Network Releasing for the U.K.

Funny Balloons struck the two deals ahead of the film’s official screening in competition, scheduled for Monday.
The drama is about four priests who live together in a secluded house in a small, seaside town in Chile under the watchful eye of a nun, who serves as their female caretaker.

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“Each of them has committed a sin that has turned him into an outcast. They must now live according to a strict regime,” according to a description of the film. “The fragile stability of their routine is disrupted by the arrival of a fifth man, a newly-disgraced companion, bringing with him the past they thought they had left behind.”
Larrain (No, Post Mortem) is scheduled to be joined on the red carpet in Berlin by regular collaborator Alfredo Castro, as well as actor Roberto Farias and producer Juan de Dios Larrain.

The director’s 2012 film No, starring Gael Garcia Bernal as an advertising man supporting the “no” campaign in a 1988 referendum that decided the political future of strongman Gen. Augusto Pinochet, was nominated for a best foreign-language film Oscar.

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