Berlin: 'Downfall,' '13 Minutes' Part of Trilogy on Nazi Era, Says Director

'13 Minutes' still - H 2015

Oliver Hirschbiegel's new film, which has its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, is about would-be Hitler assassin Georg Elser.

After the Oscar-nominated Downfall, about Adolf Hitler's final days, and his new drama 13 Minutes, the story of would-be Hitler assassin Georg Elser, director Oliver Hirschbiegel is planning a third film on the Nazi era.

“I want to complete my trilogy of the history of National Socialism,” the director told THR. “Downfall showed the end, 13 Minutes showed the beginning. The last film will look at the victims, either during Hitler or afterwards, to show the impact of the Nazis.” He didn't immediately provide further details on the third film and when he might start on it.

13 Minutes was greeted with enthusiastic applause at its first press screening in Berlin on Feb. 12.

The film tells the story of Elser, a simple carpenter who carried out a daring bomb attack on Hitler at a Nazi party gathering in Munich in 1939. Elser would have succeeded if Hitler hadn't left the meeting 13 minutes early.

Christian Friedel gives a career-making performance as Elser. The 35-year-old German actor is already a rising star, having appeared in Michael Haneke's Oscar-nominated The White Ribbon and in Jessica Hausner's Amour Fou, which screened in Cannes last year.

Hirschbiegel's last feature, the Princess Di biopic Diana, was roundly panned, but the warm reception for 13 Minutes in Berlin suggests this film could mark a comeback for the director.

Sony Pictures Classics has picked up 13 Minutes for a U.S. release and the film, for which Beta Cinema is handling sales, pre-sold strongly at the AFM last year and has since virtually sold out worldwide.