Berlin: Download THR's Day 1 'Daily'

THR speaks with Wes Anderson about fest opener "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and John Woo talks about the making of "The Crossing."

The Hollywood Reporter's first daily from the 2014 Berlinale Film Festival featured interviews with filmmakers Wes Anderson, Wim Wenders and John Woo. Also, THR looks at the current events that have ties to films at EFM.

Wes Anderson

The director of Berlinale opener The Grand Budapest Hotel discusses creating imaginary Nazis, why he likes dining in Poland and his empathy with James Schamus.

Wim Wenders

Wenders speaks to THR about how 3D needs to be used to avoid drowning "in a lack of imagination." His ambitious documentary project Cathedrals of Culture, which will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, has six directors — Wenders, Robert Redford, Austrian auteur Michael Glawogger, Denmark's Michael Madsen, Brazilian director Karim Ainouz and Norway's Margreth Olin -- using 3D to tell the stories of iconic buildings.

John Woo

With lensing done on The Crossing, Woo’s return to movies after a four-year break, the legendary Hong Kong director is keen to show he is just as comfortable with a big love story as he is with violent shootouts. Beijing Galloping Horse, the Chinese studio behind the $40 million feature, dubbed “the Chinese Titanic” by local media, is doing advance sales in Berlin.

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