Berlin: Download THR's Day 1 Daily

THR kicks off festival coverage with an interview with jury chair Darren Aronofsky, pre-fest deal stories and a first look at Kevin Spacey as President Nixon.

Aronofsky Heads to Berlin
Noah director Darren Aronofsky is heading up the Berlin jury, but it's not his first experience in the city. The auteur reveals that he was once arrested in East Berlin. He also tells THR that he hasn't scrutinized the lineup for the fest: "It's really nice to go into a film clean."

Isabel Coixet: 'We Need Action'
Nobody Wants the Night director Isabel Coixet, whose film is opening the festival, spoke to THR about the struggles women directors face in film. "Why does everybody talk about the lack of female directors and nobody does a damn thing?" she says. The director also spoke about shooting at the North Pole, and the challenges of shooting in such a cold environment: "At some point, the two cameras we had were frozen, and we had to warm them up with our bodies."

Amanda Seyfried and Theo James Set for 'Black Lung'
Amanda Seyfried and Theo James are teaming for Black Lung, a supernatural thriller that filmmaker Cary Fukunaga is executive producing for 2929 Productions and Cooper's Town Productions.

Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon Transformed
THR debuts an exclusive image from Elvis & Nixon. The films stars Kevin Spacey as President Richard Nixon, and Michael Shannon as rock 'n' roll king Elvis Presley.

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