Berlin: Download THR's Day 2 'Daily'

Jury president James Schamus talks to THR about coming to the fest free from sales duties.

The Hollywood Reporter's second daily from the 64th annual Berlin Film Festival features an interview with jury president James Schamus, plus the latest deals from EFM, which launched on Thursday. The first major reviews are also featured.

James Schamus

Schamus, the former CEO of Focus Features, spoke to THR about attending the festival without the burden of sales duties and studio pressures. "This is the first time in a quarter of a century that I can go to a film festival just to watch movies!" he said. Schamus also spoke on what he'll do next in his career: "Those discussions are ongoing as part of the daily flow of life now. My taste and my career are, I would say, more influenced by Europe and the U.K., so [Berlin] is a land of many old friends and filmmakers that I love."

Jury Press Event

The competition jury -- including Schamus, Christoph Waltz, Skyfall producer Barbara Broccoli, Danish actress Trine Dyrholm and Greta Gerwig -- convened for the opening press conference. Many of the questions from the press were based on recent events in Hollywood, including the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

“His death was pretty tough on everyone in the industry. But Philip Seymour Hoffman will be here," Schamus said. "He will be here ... A lot of his friends will be joining together [in Berlin] to remember him -- it is places like Berlin that provide a place to remember, mourn and to celebrate. No, no, he'll be here."

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