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Kenneth Branagh talks 'Cinderella,' Weinstein Co. buys Antoine Fuqua's next project and THR debuts the first image for 'Bleed for This.'

Kenneth Branagh Says 'Cinderella' is "Not About a Man Rescuing a Woman"
Branagh spoke to THR about making Disney's live-action Cinderella, and how he made the classic fairytale story appeal to a modern audience. "She meets the prince way ahead of the ball, before she decides to fall for him. They get to know each other and the seeds of a romance are sewn in terms of equality. It’s not about a man rescuing a woman," Branagh told THR.

StudioCanal U.K. CEO Danny Perkins on Paddington
Perking revealed to THR how Paddington — fully financed by French major StudioCanal — has proved a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. "It was a tricky campaign because the film was only finished two weeks before we opened and we did have a few bumps along the way," he said.

Berlin and the Oscars
Festival entries are hoping to copy the success of The Grand Budapest Hotel and Boyhood in using Berlin as a springboard to award season success.

Miles Teller Bleeds for It
THR debuts the first image from Bleed for This, an upcoming film starring Whiplash star Miles Teller.

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