Berlin Festival Poster Features Curtain, No Bear

Berlin Festival Poster 2015
Courtesy of the Berlin Film Festival

Berlin drops its iconic bear imagery for its 2015 edition

Fans of the cuddly Berlin bear won’t be pleased.

Organizers of the 65th Berlin International Film Festival have released the official poster for the event, and it does not include the iconic Berlin bear, the symbol of both the festival and Germany’s capital city.

Instead, Berlin has opted to go for a more abstract image of a shimmering stage curtain. According to festival director Dieter Kosslick, it represents the “glamorous and suspense-packed second that precedes every cinema experience when the curtain opens to reveal the screen.”

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Germany’s BOROS agency designed the image for the 2015 Berlin Film Festival. The visual will be used on festival publications and on posters put up at Potsdamer Platz and across the city during the festival.

The 65th Berlin International Film Festival runs Feb. 5-15.

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