Berlin: Uyghur Drama 'A First Farewell' Wins Best Film in Generation Kplus Section

A First Farewell
Beijing Medoc Film

The international jury picked the Tokyo festival winner, about the oppressed Uighur minority in China, for its top prize, while the children's jury went for Canadian drama 'A Colony.'

A First Farewell, Wang Lina's look at the struggles of growing up as a member of the oppressed Uighur minority in China, won the best film honor from the international jury of the Generation Kplus sidebar of children's films at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival.

The debut feature premiered at the Tokyo International Film Festival, where it also won the best film honor in the Asian Future section. Steven Wouterlood's Dutch drama My Extraordinary Summer With Tess won a special mention from the international jury.

The plight of the China's Uighur community has becoming increasingly fraught with reports of Chinese authorities rounding up members of the mostly Muslim ethnic group to put in government detention camps. Flash Forward Entertainment is handling worldwide sales on A First Farewell.

You can check out the trailer for A First Farewell below.

Berlin's children's jury, made up of ordinary German youths, picked Canadian drama A Colony as its best film of the Generation Kplus section. Genevieve Dulude-De Celles' coming-of-age drama follows the friendship between white sisters Camille and Mylia, and Jimmy, an Abenaki native  living on a nearby reserve.

Daniel, a school-days drama from French director Marine Atlan, won a special mention from the children's Generation Kplus jury.