Berlin: 'The First, The Last' Wins Europa Cinemas Label Prize

THE FIRST, THE LAST still - H 2016
Courtesy of Kris DeWitte/Berlinale

The Belgian crime caper from director Bouli Lanners will get distribution support across 42 European countries.

The First, The Last, a crime comedy/road movie from Belgian director Bouli Lanners has won the Berlinale Europa Cinema Label prize as the best film screening in the Panorama section of this year's Berlin International Film Festival.

The film stars Albert Dupontel and Bouli Lanners as two grouchy bounty hunters searching for a cell phone in the French countryside who encounter all sorts of odd locals, including Jesus (yes, that Jesus).

The First, The Last will get financial support to assist the promotion and distribution of the film across the Europa Cinema network, which operates 977 cinemas across 42 European countries. In the past, the award has often proven a springboard to crossover commercial success for more art house titles.

Croatian drama On the Other Side from director Zrinko Ogresta, and Asli Ozge’s German psychothriller All of a Sudden, both received special mentions from the Europa Cinema jury.