Berlin: Germany’s Splendid Film Picks up Russian Historical Action Film 'Scythian'

Nashe Kino
A still from 'Scythian'

The movie was also sold to countries in Southeast Asia.

Germany’s Splendid Film has picked up Russian period action film Skif (Scythian), which is still in production, for German speaking countries.

Scythian, which is expected to be completed in the fall and to be released late in 2017 or early 2018, was also sold to Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

The movie is focused on the dying Scythians, nomads who inhabited the central Eurasian steppes from about the ninth century B.C. until about the first century A.D.

"The script attracted me by its drive, strong characters and the genre of action fantasy, which is not quite typical for a Russian movie," Sergei Selyanov, head of the movie's production company CTB, said.

"This is a fantasy based on events of a distant past when paganism was being replaced with more advanced civilizations, and that caused serious clashes," he added.

The movie is written and directed by Rustam Mosafir. Planeta Inform is handling international rights.