Berlin: Hollywood Reporter Celebrates 'I Am Michael' With James Franco at Intimate Party

James Franco Justin Kelly - H 2015
AP Images

James Franco Justin Kelly - H 2015

The fete took place Monday night at the Glashutte Original Lounge on the 24th floor of the Kollhoff Tower.

Attendees at The Hollywood Reporter's and Glashutte Original's Monday night Berlin party were in for a special treat, as they were whisked up 24 floors in Europe's fastest elevator to the intimate event celebrating James Franco-starrer I Am Michael.

The fete held at the Glashutte Original lounge featured breathtaking views of the Berlin skyline and the festival's main theater, the Berlinale Palast, bustling with red carpet activity below.

I Am Michael director Justin Kelly attended the event along with Franco. The film, which screened earlier that evening, is based on the true story of a gay activist who renounces homosexuality after finding religion.

"He really takes the time to listen and to get to know people," said Kelly of Franco. "He treats them like his equal."

Kelly added: "So much of what he does is to give other people a chance. He wants to give people who he thinks are true artists a chance."

Producers, executives, sales agents and other insiders enjoyed the lively event. Among them were German actor Franklin Lau, Participant's Jonathan King and IM Global's Bonnie Voland. And 54 director Mark Christopher, who is presenting a director's cut version of his 1998 drama, also dropped by.

For the past four days, dozens of the festival's stars and hottest rising talent have been visiting the Glashutte Original lounge on the 24th floor of the Kollhoff Tower for interview and photo sessions with THR. See videos here.