Berlin International Film Festival Offers Cheap Rail Tickets To Help Attendees Get There

Organizers go green as thoughts turn to European Film Market 2012.

LONDON – Market-goers landing back home after attending the American Film Market will be turning their thoughts to the European Film Market held during the Berlin International Film Festival in February next year.

With the rising costs of attending the major markets around the world, buyers and sellers alike will be intrigued by the efforts of Berlin festival organizers to make the event greener and reduce CO2 emissions.

Because such efforts could save attendees some green of their own with the festival linking up with Germany’s rail network Deutsche Bahn to offer discounted return rail tickets to Berlin for the event.

Folks landing in Germanyn for the festival between February 7 and 19, 2012 will be able to get a first class return ticket to Berlin from any train station in Germany for €159 ($219) or, in coach, for €99 ($136).

And booking online reduces costs by a further €10 ($14).

The inaugural link up will make the Berlinale ticket available for booking from Nov. 8.

It all adds up in the current economic climate.