Berlin: Patricio Guzman Wins Best Screenplay for 'The Pearl Button'

Katell Djian
'The Pearl Button'

Guzman's documentary looks at the devestation of Chile's indigenous population.

Chilean director Patricio Guzman has won a Silver Bear for best screenplay at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival for his documentary The Pearl Button.

The film, which had its world premiere in Berlin, is Guzman's follow-up to his acclaimed doc Nostalgia for the Light. Like that film, The Pearl Button juxtaposes nature in all its glory with the smallness and cruelty of humans beings towards one another, in this case, the cruelty dealt out towards Chile's indigenous peoples.

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Berlin buyers were hot for the doc, with sales group Pyramide International closing multiple territories for The Pearl Button at Berlin's European Film Market.

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