Berlin 2013: Pierce Brosnan Starrer 'Last Man Out' Looks to Lure Buyers

Pierce Brosnan
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

UPDATED: The movie, written by CBS late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson and Ted Mulkerin, will be touted by British banner Ealing Metro.

BERLIN -- Presales on a big-screen adaptation of Stuart Neville's revenge thriller novel The Twelve, penned by CBS late-night talk show host Craig Ferguson and Ted Mulkerin and starring Pierce Brosnan, will begin at the European Film Market.

U.K.-based sales and finance banner Ealing Metro will tout the taut thriller Last Man Out after boarding it on the eve of the market in Berlin.

It details the story of a former IRA hitman who, released from prison after serving 20 years for murder, is haunted by the memory of his victims. He can find no peace until he takes revenge on their behalf.

But buyers will have to wait to see who will star opposite Brosnan, with casting now under way.

It is to be directed by Terry Loane and produced by Ferguson, Steve Clark-Hall (Sherlock Holmes), Beau St. Clair (The Thomas Crown Affair), Rebecca Tucker and Jonathan Loughran and is scheduled to shoot at the end of 2013.

Neville's novel enjoyed positive notices from the U.K. press, with The Observer newspaper describing it as "unbearably tense, stomach-churningly frightening ... a future classic of its time."

The book has been printed in the USA by Soho Press under the title Ghosts of Belfast. It also was published in Japan (Random House), France (Rivages), and Spain (Ediciones Urano).