Berlin remembers 1968


The Berlin International Film Festival will mark the 40th anniversary of the Berlin Vietnam Congress next month with a special lineup of films that trace the U.S. attitude toward the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Congress was an anti-war demonstration organized by the Socialist German Student Assn.

Many view the Congress as the start of worldwide protest against the war.

To commemorate the event, the Berlinale will screen a program of films including Robert Altman's "MASH" (1970), Mike Nichols' "Catch-22" (1971) and Hal Ashby's "Coming Home" (1978) that reflect the perspective of U.S. filmmakers during and after the war.

The selection also includes several documentaries, among them Frederick Wiseman's "Basic Training" (1979), Emile de Antonio's anti-imperialistic propaganda film "In the Year of the Pig" (1968) and "The War at Home" (1979), Barry Brown and Glenn Silber's docu on the anti-war movement.

The lineup was organized by the Berlinale together with Berlin's Federal Center for Political Education, which is running a series of complementary readings, panel discussions and eyewitness talks about the events of 1968 in Germany.