Berlin: Richard Gere Speaks Out on Donald Trump's "Biggest Crime"

Ross Gilmore/Getty Images
Richard Gere

The actor said that the new U.S. president had conflated the meanings of "refugee" and "terrorist."

Donald Trump – unsurprisingly – reared his head again on the second day of the Berlinale, with Richard Gere giving an impassioned speech on the immediate impact of the new U.S. president.

"The most horrible thing that Trump has done is conflate two words – refugee and terrorist. That's what he's done," he said in the press conference for Oren Moverman's The Dinner, having its world premiere on Friday night. 

"Instead of refugees being someone we want to help, now we're afraid of them, and the biggest crime is conflating these two ideas. We have to understand what he and the Conservative movement has done."

The Dinner, based on the book by Herman Koch and also starring Steve Coogan, Laura Linney and Rebecca Halls, sees Gere play a politician meeting his brother with their wives for an evening meal in an expensive restaurant, while dark secrets lurking in the background come to the forefront as the night unravels. 

Coogan, who's character is revealed to suffer from mental problems, also commented on the U.S. new commander in chief. 

"Yes, [my character] does have a mental illness, but compared with the president of the United States it looks like a mild headache."