Berlin: Robert Pattinson Joins Thriller 'Brimstone'

The Cannes Boom: Robert Pattinson

The U.K.'s Embankment Films, Tim Haslam and Hugo Grumbar's new international sales and distribution company, turned heads with "Mission: Black List," a Navy SEALs project starring Robert Pattinson.

Carice van Houten also joins the cast of the movie by writer-director Martin Koolhoven

Robert Pattinson is joining Mia Wasikowska and Guy Pearce in the upcoming thriller Brimstone.

Carice van Houten (Black Book, Valkyrie, Game of Thrones) also has been added to the cast of the movie by writer-director Martin Koolhoven, who was behind Dutch box-office hit Winter in Wartime.

Principal photography is set to start in May.

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Wasikowska plays Liz, a heroine on the run from her past, pursued by Pearce's diabolical Preacher. Pattinson plays an outlaw who has a crucial role in the tale of retribution. A film description didn't provide further details.

Embankment is offering the film to buyers at Berlin's European Film Market.

"Martin directs a highly emotional, gripping and unique story of a mesmerizing woman who battles the vengeance of a zealot," said Embankment founder Tim Haslam.

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