Berlin: Classics Screenings to Include Digitally Restored 'Goldfinger,' 'In Cold Blood'

Sean Connery: Goldfinger (1964)

By the third film, Connery was comfortably established in the role of Bond, even as the franchise continued to work out its formulas. Goldfinger ranks among the most successful and beloved of all of the Bond films, not the least of which because it provided a narrative template for many of the films that followed it.

'Goldfinger' set designer Ken Adam will attend the screening of the restored Bond classic.

The Berlin International Film Festival has unveiled the first titles for its 2015 Berlinale Classics series.

They include the world premieres of newly restored prints of Guy Hamilton's legendary 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger, Richard Brooks' 1967 version of In Cold Blood and the silent film classic Variete (1925) from E.A. Dupont.

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Two-time Oscar-winning set designer Ken Adam, who created the Goldfinger sets, will attend the Berlin screening and will introduce the film.

Other Berlinale Classics screenings include German features The Cat Has Nine Lives (1968) from Ula Stockl and Born in '45 from Jurgen Bottcher.

The Berlinale will add two more international classics to the list ahead of the festival, which runs Feb. 5-15.