Berlin: 'Snow Queen' Sequel Set to Hit U.K. Theaters in 2015

The film, a follow-up to the fairy tale that serves as the basis for Disney's Frozen, was also sold to South Korea's Cinema Republic at the European Film Market.

BERLIN -- Russian animation studio Wizart's Snow Queen 2: The Snow King – the sequel to its international box office success Snow Queen – has sold to the UK's Signature Entertainment for a theatrical release slated for Feb. 2015. The deal is one of a slew of sales inked at the European Film Market and follows an all rights sale to South Korea's Cinema Republic with the 3D movie due in cinemas there in December of this year.

British audiences will get a taste of the Moscow and Voronezh-based studio's classy work later this year when Snow Queen screens on television and DVD sales open for the family-friendly story based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic fairy tale.

Wizart, which was first out of the stable its adaptation of the story -- Disney's Frozen also draws on the same source -- took in $14 million worldwide at the box office with its first cartoon.

Shooting Stars has also picked up The Snow King and Wizart's first original cartoon, Sheep and Wolves, about a young wolf afraid of responsibility who one day wakes up as a sheep. The full rights deal includes theatrical releases for both titles. Wizart Distribution's Diana Yurinova and producers Yuri Moskvin and Vladimir Nikolaev are handling international sales at EFM.

The Snow King, which follows the adventures of Gerda and Orm, a courageous troll, is being produced in English and will feature Hollywood voice talents.

"I am extremely excited to be working with the team at Wizart," said Marc Goldberg, managing director of Signature Entertainment. "Both Snow Queen and Snow Queen 2 are wonderfully crafted animations."

"We are delighted to close this deal and to get the chance to work with this Russian animation project," said Sang-Won Lee, Cinema Republic CEO. "We are already identifying cross promotion and merchandising partners in Korea. We are planning to release a huge number of promo materials, apps, and are looking at cultural exchanges with stars from our respective countries."