Berlin unveils Perspektive lineup

Perspektive Deutsches Kino highlights German cinema

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COLOGNE, Germany -- Documentaries have made a comeback at this year's Berlin International Film Festival, with non-fiction titles spread across the festival's sections. The Perspektive Deutsches Kino lineup of young German cinema is no different. Docs make up nearly half of the 2010 program.

Most are unflinching looks at present-day reality, such as Anna Hoffmann's "The Housemaid," a portrait of Polish domestic servant working in Germany; or the self-explanatory "Portraits of German alcoholics" from Carolin Schmitz.

Even the fictional films this year have a strong strain of realism -- such as "Outside" from Florian Schewe, which follows a man trying to help his friend who has recently been released from prison. Or Juliane Engelmann's "Scars in Concrete" about a young mother trapped on the edges of society.

Perspektives will also welcome back director RP Kahl, who took part in the section in it's inaugural year in 2002. Kahl is back with "Bedways," a partially self-referential drama based in his Berlin hometown.

The 2010 Perspektive Deutsches Kino lineup:

"All my fathers," Jan Raiber
"The Boy Who Wouldn't Kill," Linus de Paoli
"Cindy doesn't love me," Hannah Schweier
"Silver Girls," Saara Aila Waasner
"Gleb's Film," Christian Hornung
"The Housemaid," Anna Hoffmann
"Hollywood Drama," Sergej Moya
"Jessi," Mariejosephin Schneider
"Outside," Florian Schewe
"Scars in Concrete," Juliane Engelmann
"Portraits of German alcoholics," Carolin Schmitz
"Run if you can," Dietrich Bruggemann
"WAGs," Joachim Dollhopf and Evi Goldbrunner
"Bedways," RP Kahl