Berlin unveils co-production market titles

Bille August, Erik Sjkoldbjaerg projects among those picked

COLOGNE, Germany -- New projects from acclaimed European helmers Bille August and Erik Skjoldbjaerg are among the higher profile offers at this year's Berlinale Co-Production Market, the international financing event held Feb. 8-10 during the Berlin International Film Festival.

Bille August's "The Diary" and Erik Skjoldbjaerg's "Pioneer" are two of the 36 projects that will be pitched to potential co-producers and financiers at this year's Berlinale Co-Production Market. The bulk of the in-development productions come from Europe, though there are a handful from Asia, Africa, North and South America.

To qualify, projects must be budgeted at 1 million euros-10 million euros ($1.3 million-$13 million) and have 30% of their financing in place.

Now in its sixth year, Berlin's Co-Production Market has been impressive in getting projects off the ground. Last year, some 17 projects co-financed with the help of the market were released theatrically.

Selected projects for the Berlinale Co-Production Market (in alphabetical order of production company):
"Two," Oded Davidoff, 2-Team Productions, Israel
"P+K ," Tova Magnusson-Norling, Anagram Produktion & Rock'n'Roll Film, Sweden
"Snowhite," Pablo Berger, Arcadia Motion Pictures, Spain
"Goodnight," Gregor Buchkremer, Busse & Halberschmidt Filmproduktion, Germany
"Silence," Baran bo Odar, Cine Plus Filmproduktion / Luethje & Schneider Film, Germany
"Seasons of Tokyo," director: tba, Entertainment Farm, Japan
"Love Eternal," Brendan Muldowney, Fastnet Films, Ireland
"The Diary," Bille August, Future Films, U.K.
"She Is Not Crying, She Is Singing," Philippe de Pierpont, Iota Production, Belgium
"Abanibi," Shemi Zarhin, July August Productions, Israel
"On the Pripyat River," Michale Boganim, Les Films du Poisson, France
"English Lessons," Pascal-Alex Vincent, Local Films, France
"The Ardor," Pablo Fendrik, Magma Cine, Argentina & Imval Producciones, Spain
"The Book of Internal Grammar," Nir Bergman, Norma Productions, Israel
"Mary's Ride," Thomas Imbach, Okofilm Productions & Hugofilm, Switzerland
"The Wedding Party," Jeremy Lovering, Origin Pictures, U.K.
"Stormland," Marteinn St. Thorsson, Pegasus Pictures, Iceland
"Mrs P," Marek Losey, Poisson Rouge Pictures, U.K.
"The Repeaters," Carl Bessai, Raven West Films, Canada
"Spud," Donovan Marsh, Rogue Star Films, South Africa
"The Sign of the Elves," Morten Tyldum, SF Norge, Norway
"Bone," Ryan Redford, the Film Works, Canada