Berlin: Willem Dafoe-Narrated Doc 'Mountain' Finds U.S. Home

Credit: Greenwich Entertainment

Greenwich Entertainment has acquired the film, from 'Sherpa' director Jennifer Peedom.

Greenwich Entertainment has picked up U.S. distribution rights to Mountain, the documentary directed by Jennifer Peedom (Sherpa) and narrated by current Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe.

Reteaming Peedom with her Sherpa cinematographer Renan Ozturk, Mountain explores the powerful force that mountains have over our imagination. The film travels from Tibet to Australia, Alaska to Norway, using drones, GoPros and helicopters to capture mountaineers, climbers, heli-skiers, wingsuiters, snowboarders and parachuting mountain bikers.

The film — which had its world premiere at the Sydney Opera House, with accompaniment by the Australian Chamber Orchestra — was released in Australia and the U.K. last year, with The Hollywood Reporter hailing it as “ravishing … one of the most visceral essay films ever made.”

"In Mountain, filmmaker Jennifer Peedom has created a soaring, enthralling achievement that melds the visual/aural experiential approach of a movie like Baraka with the grand tradition of the berg (mountain) film genre," said Greenwich co-managing director Ed Arentz. "This is a film that truly should be seen on the big screen, and, appropriately, it will be available in a 4K version."

Added Peedom: "We’re thrilled that U.S. audiences will have the opportunity to see Mountain on the big screen and thrilled to partner with Greenwich to make this happen."

Mountain was produced by Peedom and Jo-Anne McGowan. The filmmakers were represented by Lucie Touboul of Dogwoof and David Koh of Submarine, who negotiated the deal with Greenwich’s Arentz.

Greenwich will release the film on May 25.