Berlin: 'You're Ugly Too' Director Says Cast Is "Reflection of the Shifting Demographics" in Ireland

The cast features two Irish actors, one Belgian and one Romanian.

You're Ugly Too director Mark Noonan tells The Hollywood Reporter that the varying European castmembers in his film are a reflection of the apparent demographic changes in the Irish Midlands.

The Ugly Too cast visited THR's video lounge at the Berlin Film Festival to discuss the film and how each member was chosen for their individual roles. Irish actors Aidan Gillen and Lauren Kinsella co-star alongside Belgian actress Erika Sainte and Romanian actor George Pistereanu.

"It's very much a reflection of the shifting demographics," Noonan said about casting various European actors in the film. "Not just Dublin, but across Ireland it's not really a big deal now if you go to Midlands, and there's a Belgian girl married to a Romanian. … Early on, I thought this would be interesting to clash these Irish people and these European people together."

The film is about a man (Gillen) released from prison on compassionate leave to care for a young girl (Kinsella) whose mother died. The two move to the Irish Midlands to start fresh and meet a man (Pistereanu) and woman (Sainte) in their transition.

Kinsella, whose character was inspired by a girl from Noonan's neighborhood, appears in every scene of the film and was the fourth actress who auditioned for the role.

"It's interesting to me that apart from Lauren, the other two main actors are Belgian and Romanian, which does actually quite accurately reflect what it is like in the Irish Midlands," Gillen said.