Berlinale mess tent draws heavy hitters


The best kept gastronomic secret is out as EFM heavy hitters are slowly but surely securing tables in the specially constructed restaurant area behind the market center the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

EFM organizers have pumped tens of thousands of dollars into having a historical German marquee tradition replicated in the grounds behind the main market hall.

Set up to free up more space in the market but still providing a high end eaterie for biz lunches, the EFM organizers have certainly come up with a unique space.

Named a Spiegel Zelt, the ornate temporary Mirror Tent, was shipped in from a company in the Netherlands because -- with only around eight permanent ones in existence -- such a venue is hard to find.

EFM director Beki Probst said Saturday over lunch she was pleased the place was becoming busier and busier as more delegates discover the delights of dining along the principals of Slow Food.

Staffed by chef's Martin Scharff and Jurgen Koch, the Mirror serves up such delights as aromatic fish soup, lentils with pumpkin and goats cheese and hearty beef stew and the efficient servers decline to rush foodies along.

The lunch crowd Saturday included Mosaic Media's Charles Roven, Fortissimo Films' Wouter Barrendrecht and Michael Werner, Marche du Cannes director Jerome Paillard and Kirk D'Amico.