Berlinale takes wraps off complete lineup

'My One and Only' added to competition

BERLIN -- Richard Loncraine's "My One and Only," a '50s-era comedy starring Renee Zellweger and Kevin Bacon, was squeezed into the competition lineup for this year's Berlin International Film Festival, barely a week before the event kicks off.

Zellweger plays a glamorous single mom on the hunt for a rich man to foot the bill for her and her sons' lifestyle. Produced by Merv Griffith Entertainment and Ray Gun Prods., "My One and Only" will have its world premiere in Berlin. Essential Entertainment is handling international sales.

Berlin also added Lone Scherfig's Sundance favorite "An Education" with Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina and Emma Thompson and Davis Guggenheim's music documentary "It Might Get Loud" for its Berlinale Special Galas, ensuring the films will get the red carpet treatment without any of the pressure of competition.

All three films should give an added boost of star power to what was already shaping up to be a high-wattage Berlinale. Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Clive Owen, Michelle Pfeiffer, Demi Moore, Parker Posey, Keanu Reeves, Gael Garcia Bernal and Steve Buscemi are just a sampling of the talent expected to attend.

"I don't think I'll be alone on the red carpet," Berlinale director Dieter Kosslick joked as he unveiled the final festival lineup on Tuesday. He added that at least one of the three guitarists featured in "It Might Get Loud" -- Jimmy Page, Jack White and the Edge -- would also make an appearance.

Tom Tykwer's "The International" will open the 59th Berlinale, and Costa-Gavras' "Eden Is West" will close it. The 2009 festival runs Feb. 5-15.

A lineup of Berlinale films follows:


"The International," Tom Tykwer, U.S. (opening film)
"Cheri," Stephen Frears, U.K.
"Darbareye Elly" (About Elly), Asghar Farhadi, Iran
"Deutschland 09," Fatih Akin, Tom Tykwer, Wolfgang Becker, Sylke Enders, Dominik Graf, Romuald Karmakar, Nicolette Krebitz, Isabelle Stever, Hans Steinbichler, Hans Weingartner, Christoph Hochhausler, Dani Levy and Angela Schanelec, Germany (out of competition)
"Gigante," Adrian Biniez, Uruguay/Germany/Argentina
"Happy Tears," Mitchell Lichtenstein, U.S.
"In the Electric Mist," Bertrand Tavernier, France/U.S.
"Katalin Varga," Peter Strickland, Romania/U.K./Hungary
"La Teta Asustada" (The Milk of Sorrow) Claudia Llosa, Spain/Peru
"Lille Soldat" (Little Soldier), By Annette K. Olesen, Denmark
"My One and Only," Richard Loncraine, U.S.
"Notorious," George Tillman Jr, U.S. (out of competition)
"Ricky," Francois Ozon France/Italy
"Storm" (Sturm), Hans-Christian Schmid, Germany/Denmark
"Tatarak" (Sweet Rush), Andrzej Wajda, Poland
"Alle Anderen," Maren Ade, Germany
"Rage," Sally Potter, U.K./U.S.
"The Dust of Time;" Theo Angelopoulos, Greece/Germany/Italy/Russia (out of competition)
"Forever Enthralled" (Mei Lanfang), Chen Kaige, China
"The Messenger," Oren Moverman, U.S.
"London River," Rachid Bouchareb, Algeria/France/U.K.
"Mammoth," Lukas Moodysson, Sweden/Germany/Denmark
"The Private Lives of Pippa Lee," Rebecca Miller, U.S. (out of competition)
"The Reader," Stephen Daldry, U.S./Germany (out of competition)
"Pink Panther II," Harald Zwart, U.S. (out of competition)

"Eden a l'ouest" (Eden is West), Costa-Gavras, France/Greece/Italy (closing film; out of competition)


"Human Zoo" by Rie Rasmussen, France (world premiere; opening film)
"A North Chinese Girl," Zou Peng, China (world premiere)
"Raging Sun, Raging Sky," Julian Hernandez, Mexico (world premiere)
"Russia 88," Pavel Bardin, Russia (world premiere)
"Sleeping Songs," Andreas Struck, Germany (world premiere)
"Strella," Panos H. Koutras, Greece (world premiere)
"La Barbe bleue," Catherine Breillat, France (world premiere)
"An Englishman in New York," Richard Laxton, U.K./U.S. (world premiere)
"Das Vaterspiel" (Kill Daddy Good Night), Michael Glawogger, Germany/Austria/France (world premiere)
"El Nino pez" (The Fish Child), Lucia Puenzo, Argentina/Spain (world premiere)
"Welcome," Philippe Lioret, France
"Retribution," Paulo Pons, Brazil
"Absolute Evil," Ulli Lommel, U.S. (world premiere)
"Ander," Roberto Caston, Spain (world premiere)
"The Bone Man," Wolfgang Murnberger, Austria (world premiere)
"Fig Trees," John Greyson, Canada (world premiere)
"Fucking Different Tel Aviv," various directors, Germany/Israel (world premiere)
"Ghosted," Monika Treut, Germany/Taiwan (world premiere)
"All Around Us," Hashigushi Ryosuke, Japan
"High Life," Gary Yates, Canada (world premiere)
"Skirt Day," Jean-Paul Lilienfeld, France/Belgium
"The Rainbow Troops," Riri Riza, Indonesia
"Pedro," Nick Oceano, U.S.
"Light Gradient," Jan Kruger, Germany (world premiere)
"Just Walking," Augustin Diaz Yanes, Spain/Mexico
"The Countess," Julie Delpy, Germany/France (world premiere)
"White Lightnin'," Dominic Murphy, Great Britain/U.S.

"Kiss the Moon," Khalid Gill, Germany (world premiere)
"City of Borders," Yun Suh, U.S. (world premiere)
"Comrade Couture," Marco Wilms, Germany (world premiere)
"Home From Home," Sung-Hyung Cho, Germany (world premiere)
"Kashmir: Journey To Freedom," Udi Aloni, U.S./Israel
"War and Love in Kabul," Helga Reidemeister, Germany (world premiere)
"The Good American," Jochen Hick, Germany (world premiere)
"The Yes Men Fix the World," Mike Bonanno, Andy Bichlbaum, Kurt Engfehr, U.S.
"Off Ways," Uli M Schueppel, Germany (world premiere)
"At Stake," various directors, Indonesia
"Coyote," Chema Rodriguez, Spain (world premiere)
"Garapa," Jose Padilha, Brazil (world premiere)
"Unmistaken Child," Nati Baratz, Israel
"When You're Strange," Tom DiCillo, U.S.
"The Shock Doctrine," Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross, Great Britain (world premiere)
"Little Joe," Nicole Haeusser, U.S. (world premiere)

Special presentations
"North," Rune Denstad Langlo, Norway (world premiere)
"Claustrophobia," Ivy Ho, Hong Kong
"End of Love," Simon Chung, Hong Kong/China (world premiere)
"Short Cut to Hollywood," Marcus Mittermeier, Jan Henrik Stahlberg, Germany/Austria/U.S. (world premiere)
"Yang Yang," Yu-Chieh Cheng, Taiwan (world premiere)

30 Years of Programming -- Celebration Presentations
"Milk," Gus Van Sant, U.S.
"The Times of Harvey Milk," Robert Epstein, U.S. (1984)
"Resident Alien," Jonathan Nossiter, U.S. (1990)
"The Naked Civil Servant," Jack Gold, Great Britain (1975)
"Tapage nocturne," Catherine Breillat, France (1979)

Supporting films
"575 Castro Street," Jenni Olson, U.S.
"The End of the Pig Is the Beginning of the Sausage," John Edward Heys, Germany (world premiere)
"Gevald," Netalie Braun, Israel
"Queer Sarajevo Festival 2008" Masa Hilcisin, Cazim Dervisevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina (world premiere)
"The Casuarina Cove," Junfeng Boo, Singapore (world premiere)

10 Years Panorama Audience Award
"Solas" (Alone), Benito Zambrano, Spain (1998)
"Nationale 7," Jean-Pierre Sinapi, France (1999)
"Berlin Is in Germany," Hannes Stohr, Germany (2001)
"Blind Spot. Hitler's Secretary," Andre Heller, Othmar Schmider, Austria (2001)
"Broken Wings," Nir Bergman, Israel (2002)
"Addicted To Acting," Andres Veiel, Germany (2003)
"Live and Become," Radu Mihaileanu, France/Israel (2004)
"Paper Dolls," Tomer Heymann, Israel/Switzerland (2005)
"Blindsight," Lucy Walker, Great Britain (2006)
"Lemon Tree," Erab Riklis, Israel/Germany/France (2008)


"Aguas Verdes" (Green Waters), Mariano De Rosa, Argentina (world premiere)
"D'Arusha a Arusha" (From Arusha to Arusha), Christophe Gargot, France/Canada/Ruanda (international premiere)
"Beeswax," Andrew Bujalski, U.S. (world premiere)
"Calimucho," Eugenie Jansen, the Netherlands (international premiere)
"Cea mai fericita fata din lume" (The Happiest Girl in the World), Radu Jude, Romania/The Netherlands (world premiere)
"Citizen Juling" (Polamuang Juling), Kraisak Choonhavan, Manit Sriwanichpoom, Ing K, Thailand (European Premiere)
"The Day After" (Eoddeon gaien nal), Lee Suk-Gyung, Korea (world premiere)
"Deep in the Valley" (Yanaka boshoku), Funahashi Atsushi, Japan (world premiere)
"Defamation" (Hashmatsa), Yoav Shamir, Israel/Austria (world premiere)
"Doctor Ma's Country Clinic" (Ma dai fu de zhen suo), Cong Feng, China (European premiere)
"L'encerclement" (Encirclement), Richard Brouillette, Canada (international premiere)
"The Exploding Girl," Bradley Rust Gray, U.S. (world premiere)
"H:r Landshovding" (Mr Governor), Mans Mansson, Sweden (international premiere)
"Hayat var" (My Only Sunshine), Reha Erdem, Turkey/Greece/Bulgaria (international premiere)
"Help Gone Mad" (Sumashedshaya pomosh), Boris Khlebnikov, Russia (world premiere)
"Kan door huid heen" (Can Go Through Skin), Esther Rots, The Netherlands (international premiere)
"Die koreanische Hochzeitstruhe" (The Korean Wedding Chest), Ulrike Ottinger, Germany (world premiere)
"Land of Scarecrows" (Heosuabideuleui ddang), Roh Gyeong-Tae, Korea/France (international premiere)
"Letters to the President," Petr Lom, Canada/Iran (world premiere)
"Love Exposure" (Ai no mukidashi), Sono Sion, Japan (international premiere)
"Man tanker sitt" (Burrowing), Fredrik Wenzel, Henrik Hellstrom, Sweden (world premiere)
"Marin Blue," by Matthew Hysell, U.S. (world premiere)
"Members of the Funeral" (Jangryesigeui member), Baek Seung-Bin, Korea (international premiere)
"Mental" (Seishin), Soda Kazuhiro, Japan (European premiere)
"Mitte Ende August" (Sometime in August), Sebastian Schipper, Germany (world premiere)
"My Dear Enemy" (Meotjin haru), Lee Yoon-Ki, Korea (international premiere)
"Naked of Defenses" (Mubobi), Ichii Masahide, Japan (European premiere)
"Ne me liberez pas, je m'en charge" (My Greatest Escape), Fabienne Godet, France (world premiere)
"The One Man Village" (Semaan Bilda'ia), Simon El Habre, Lebanon (European premiere)
"Rachel," Simone Bitton, France/Belgium (world premiere)
"La sirena y el buzo" (The Mermaid and the Diver), Mercedes Moncada Rodriguez, Mexico/Nicaragua/Spain (world premiere)
"Soundless Wind Chime" (Wu Sheng Feng Ling), Kit Hung, Hong Kong/Switzerland (world premiere)
"Sweetgrass," Lucien Castaing-Taylor, U.S. (world premiere)
"Treeless Mountain," So-Yong Kim, U.S./Korea (European premiere)
"Un chat un chat" (Pardon my French), Sophie Fillieres, France (world premiere)
"Winterstilte" (Winter Silence), Sonja Wyss, the Netherlands/Switzerland (international premiere)
"Zum Vergleich" (By Comparison), Harun Farocki, Germany/Austria (world premiere)

Special screenings
"A History of Israeli Cinema,: Raphael Nadjari, France/Israel (world premiere)
"Araya," Margot Benacerraf, Venezuela/France (world premiere of the restored print)
"The Beast Stalker" (Ching yan), Dante Lam, Hong Kong (international premiere)

Filmmakers Against Racism
"Affectionately Known as Alex," Danny Turken, South Africa (European premiere)
"Angels on our Shoulders," Andy Spitz, South Africa (European premiere)
"Baraka" (The Blessing), Omelga Mthiyane, Riaan Hendriks, Marianne Gysae, South Africa (European premiere)
"The Burning Man," Adze Ugah, South Africa (European premiere)
"Generasi biru" (The Blue Generation), Garin Nugroho, John De Rantau, Dosy Omar, Indonesia (world premiere)
"Langsamer Sommer" (Slow Summer), John Cook, Austria
"Material," Thomas Heise, Germany (world premiere)
"Schwitzkasten" (Clinch), John Cook, Austria
"Soul Power," Jeffrey Levy-Hinte, U.S. (European premiere)
"When it was Blue," Jennifer Reeves, U.S./Iceland (European premiere)
"Die wundersame Welt der Waschkraft" (The Wondrous World of Laundry), Hans-Christian Schmid, Germany (world premiere)


Generation Kplus -- feature films
"Brendan and the Secret of Kells," Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey, Ireland/France/Belgium
"C'est pas moi, je le jure!" (It's Not Me, I Swear!), Philippe Falardeau, Canada
"Die Stimme des Adlers" (The Eagle Hunter's Son), Rene Bo Hansen, Germany/Sweden
"Flickan" (The Girl). Fredrik Edfeldt, Sweden
"Gagma Napiri" (The Other Bank), George Ovashvili, Georgia/Kazakhstan
"Kdopak by se vlka bal" (Who is Afraid of the Wolf), Maria Prochazkova, Czech Republic
"Lippels Traum" (Lippel's Dream), Lars Buechel, Germany
"Los herederos" (The Inheritors), Eugenio Polgovsky, Mexico
"Mamma Mu & Krakan" (Mamma Moo & Crow), Igor Veyshtagin, Sweden/Germany/Hungary
"Max Pinlig" (Max Embarrassing), Lotte Svendsen, Denmark
"Mommo" (The Bogeyman), Atalay Ta_diken, Turkey 2009
"Niloofar," Sabine El Gemayel, France/Iran/Lebanon
"The Strength of Water," Armagan Ballantyne, New Zealand/Germany

Generation 14plus -- feature films
"Afterschool," Antonio Campos, U.S.
"Cherrybomb," Glenn Leyburn and Lisa Barros D'Sa, U.K.
"Gunlala de qiang" (Lala's Gun), Ning Jingwu, China
"Het zusje van Katia" (Katia's Sister), Mijke de Jong, The Netherlands
"I Know You Know," Justin Kerrigan, U.K./Germany
"I taket lyser stjarnorna" (Glowing Stars), Lisa Siwe, Sweden 2008
"Mary and Max," Adam Elliot, Australia
"Miao Miao," Cheng Hsiao-Tse, Hongkong/Taiwan
"My Suicide," David Lee Miller, U.S.
"Snijeg" (Snow), Aida Begic, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Germany/France/Iran
"Sorasoi" Katsuhito Ishii, Shunichiro Miki und Yuuuka Ooosumi, Japan
"Teenage Response," Eleni Ampelakiotou, Germany
"Unmade Beds," Alexis Dos Santos, U.K.
"Voy a explotar" (I'm Gonna Explode), Gerardo Naranjo, Mexico


Berlinale Special -- gala screenings at the Friedrichstadtpalast
"Effi Briest," Hermine Huntgeburth, Germany
"Food, Inc.," Robert Kenner, U.S.
"Hilde," Kai Wessel, Germany
"John Rabe," Florian Gallenberger, Germany/France/People's Republic of China

Berlinale Special at Cinema Paris
"Adam Resurrected," Paul Schrader, U.S./ Germany /Israel
"Baiyin Diguo" (Empire Of Silver), Christina Yao, People's Republic of China/Hong Kong
"Bellamy," Claude Chabrol, France
"In Berlin," Michael Ballhaus and Ciro Cappellari, Germany
"Every Little Step," James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo, U.S.
"Pink," Rudolph Thome, Germany
"Singularidades de uma rapariga loura," Manoel De Oliveira, Portugal/France
"Terra Madre," Ermanno Olmi, Italy

Berlinale Special at Cinema Cosima at Bundesplatz
"Berlin -- Ecke Bundesplatz," Hans-Georg Ullrich and Detlef Gumm, Germany

Berlinale Special -- Gala
"An Education," Lone Scherfig, U.K.
"It Might Get Loud," Davis Guggenheim, U.S.
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