Berlin's World Fund picks five projects


BERLIN — The Berlin Film Festival’s World Cinema Fund has picked five new projects to finance as part of its mission of supporting cinema in developing countries, organizers said Friday.

The projects include the Israeli documentary “Justice Must Be Seen,” Iranian helmer Sepideh Farsi’s “The House Under the Water,” Colombian feature “The Wind Journeys” from Ciro Guerra, Argentinean project “Agua y sal” from Alejo H. Taube and Angolan director Zeze Gamboa’s “O Grande Kilapy” (Le Coupe du Siecle).

A jury picked the project from among 81 submissions from 28 countries.

The WCF, which is co-sponsored by the German Federal Cultural Foundation, will give production grants of €40,000-€60,000 ($54,000-$82,000) to each selected film.

In addition, the WCF, together with the Goethe Institute, will go on tour with the WCF-sponsored films, screening them and discussing the fund’s program with filmmakers. The first stops on the 2007 tour will be Israel, the Palestinian territories, Chile and Indonesia.

Included among the WCF films to be screened are Ariel Rotter’s “The Other,” which won the best actor Silver Bear in Berlin this year for star Julio Chavez, and the Oscar-nominated Palestinian suicide bomber drama “Paradise Now” from director Hany Abu-Assad. “Now” was the first film financed under the program.

Since launching in 2004, the WCF has co-financed 40 feature film projects, of which 17 have been completed.