Berlusconi corruption trial back on


ROME -- The corruption trial of three-time Prime Minister and billionaire media mogul Silvio Berlusconi will restart next month, according to information released Tuesday by Milan magistrates.

The trial, which began last year, already has been delayed half a dozen times and risks seeing some of the charges being thrown out because of statute of limitations rules if it extends deep into 2008.

The new court date will be Oct. 26, and it is unclear whether Berlusconi will be in the courtroom to answer charges that he paid British lawyer David Mills nearly $1 million to lie for him in court in relation to a previous case.

Berlusconi has denied any wrongdoing, blaming the case against him on political maneuvering from allies of current Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who defeated Berlusconi in a razor-thin vote 18 months ago.
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