Berlusconi's son knocks media reform plan

Says plan 'was created to limit Mediaset'

ROME -- Piersilvio Berlusconi, the son of Italy's newly elected prime minister and vp of the Mediaset empire controlled by his father, said that the Gentiloni media reform plan put forth by the previous government was designed specifically to harm Mediaset.

The younger Berlusconi, speaking on Mediaset's network Italia 1, said it should be no surprise that the new government would abandon the Gentiloni proposal rather than simply change aspects if it.

"The reform was created to limit Mediaset and nothing more," he said.

The Gentiloni reform would have required both Mediaset and state broadcaster RAI to migrate one network each to exclusively digital frequencies next year and would have capped the percentage of the television ad market any single company could control.

The elder Berlusconi, who was elected in an April 13-14 national vote, has not said whether he would develop his own media reform plan.