BermanBraun Launches Cinefix YouTube Channel for Movie Buffs (Exclusive)

Gail Berman Lloyd Braun Split - H 2011
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Gail Berman Lloyd Braun Split - H 2011

The company's third channel features movie reviews by J.B. Smoove, an interview series by comedian Andre Hyland and a countdown show starring Rotten Tomatoes senior editor Grae Drake.

BermanBraun on Monday launched its third YouTube channel, this one called CineFix and dedicated to moviemakers and film buffs.

The company founded five years ago by Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun has been part of YouTube’s rollout of 100 premium channels since the beginning, first with 3V, a fitness channel launched in April, then with Tasted, a food channel launched in July.

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YouTube has advanced some $150 million to proven producers of content. It sells ads against the channels they create and, after recouping its money, splits revenue with those who run the channels.

Chris Cowan, head of unscripted television and digital video for BermanBraun, wouldn’t say how much money YouTube advanced them for each of their channels, but he acknowledged it will be “some time” before turning a profit with them.

“The whole premium-channel experience is a bit of an experiment,” he said. “It’s about YouTube changing viewer behavior.”

He said 3V has 12,000 subscribers and 2 million views since launch, while Tasted boasts 40,000 subs and 3.5 million views, even though it launched three months after 3V.

CineFix launched Monday with four shows, and plans are for the channel to carry 10 shows within six months.

At as of Monday was: I Heard, featuring movie reviews from Curb Your Enthusiasm actor J.B. Smoove; Hollywood & Hyland, which consists of comedian Andre Hyland interviewing talent about their latest movies; and The Best Movie Lists, a countdown show starring Rotten Tomatoes senior editor Grae Drake.

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Also at launch is a show called Badass Digest, described by Cowan as “a weekly adventure in film culture,” starring blogger Devin Faraci. An example of the Badass Digest is below.

Within a week, two more shows will launch: Trailer Hitch, described as an animated show about a crotchety film buff who spars with his movie-geek nephew as they watch trailers together; and Screen Addict, a news show starring Extra correspondent Ben Lyons.

There’s no guarantee any of the shows will find an audience, though, and those that don’t click, so to speak, could get quickly replaced.

“This medium is fascinating, and it’s immediate,” said Cowan. “We’re not waiting around for murky Nielsen data. We know within hours whether something is working or not.”