Bernie Sanders Jokes During CNN Town Hall: "I Am Larry David"

Bernie Sanders CNN Town Hall Feb 3 - H 2016

The Democratic presidential candidate responds to Anderson Cooper's question about Larry David impersonating him on 'SNL.'

Bernie Sanders doesn't seem to have any problems with Larry David's Saturday Night Live impressions — in fact, it sounds like he's a fan. 

Sanders appeared with Anderson Cooper at CNN's Democratic town hall on Wednesday night to talk about his presidential candidacy, but the anchor had one quick question about David, who is hosting SNL on Saturday, in the midst of their policy conversation. 

"Larry David is hosting SNL this weekend," said Cooper. "He does a pretty good imitation of you. Do you do a Larry David imitation?" 

"Anderson, I know you've been in journalism for a long time," Sanders responded. "I am Larry David. And you didn't get it!" 

Cooper went on to ask Sanders about the album of folk songs he release when he was mayor of Burlington, Vt

"If you're looking at a president who can carry a tune," Sanders said. "I'm not your guy. I hope I have other attributes, but singing is not one of them." 

Watch the clip below.