Bernie Sanders Calls Donald Trump's Tweets "Totally Insane"

Bernie Sanders-Trump's Tweets Are Delusional - Insane- CONAN on TBS -Screen Shot- H 2016
Courtesy of TBS

"I worry about the future of this country," said Sanders on 'Conan.'

Conan O'Brien asked Bernie Sanders to weigh in on Donald Trump's latest tweets and the senator answered honestly about his concerns for the country.

When asked about Trump's unfounded claim posted to his Twitter account that "millions of people" voted illegally in the election, Sanders said the tweet was "delusional."

"It's totally insane," said Sanders on Tuesday's Conan. "Nobody believes that who studies elections or election patterns." He said what is really frightening is Trump's message behind his tweet. "When he says that, he's really sending a signal to Republicans all over the country, Republican leaders. What he's saying is: We've got to suppress the vote. We have got to make it harder for poor people, people of color, immigrants, elderly people, to participate because they may be voting against us. And that's scary stuff."

"My own view is we have got to work overtime to bring more people into the political process, not make it harder for people to participate," added the Vermont senator. When O'Brien brought up Trump's controversial tweet about criminalizing the burning of the American flag — a right the Supreme Court ruled was protected under the First Amendment — Sanders said Trump should be focusing on more important matters like climate change. He says Trump's tweet contains a "hidden message" to people.

"What he is really saying is: If you really want to dissent, be careful. It's not just the American flag here, we're watching you. That's what's scary about that," said Sanders. He added, "I worry about the future of this country," saying he's concerned that Trump won an election using bigotry as the cornerstone of his campaign.  

Sanders said he wishes he had had the opportunity to go up against Trump in the general election, and also said the media focused on the wrong things during Trump's campaign.

"What the media loved was the fact that Trump would say one absurd thing after another, ugly things about people we have never heard before from a presidential candidate. That was great TV," said Sanders. "The American people have got to demand that media talk about the issues that impact our lives."

On Wednesday morning, Sanders took to Twitter himself to share a video of his clips from the show with the caption: "Donald Trump's claims are insane and delusional. But not only that, they are also scary."