Stephen Colbert Compares Bernie Sanders to Ned Stark on 'Game of Thrones'

Stephen Colbert Teases Bernie Sanders — H 2016

In his "Hungry for Power Games" segment, the 'Late Show' host suggests the Clinton-Sanders podium should have read: "It's about f---ing time."

With Bernie Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton effectively ending his bid for the Democratic nomination for president, it was time for Stephen Colbert's Late Show to bid farewell to the Vermont senator through its recurring "Hungry for Power Games" segment.

"Today we lost the bravest tribute of all," said Colbert, as his character inspired by The Hunger Games' Caesar Flickerman. "A man we actually lost months ago but who courageously kept pretending not to be dead."

He sarcastically said that Sanders' endorsement of Hillary Clinton was "very convincing." Sanders' speech reminded Colbert's character of "another man who forced himself to endorse a coronation in hopes of healing a rift." The Late Show then aired a clip of Game of Thrones' Ned Stark declaring Joffrey Baratheon heir to the Iron Throne. 

Colbert's character suggested that the "Stronger Together" slogan on Clinton and Sanders' podium was runner-up to Clinton's original idea of "It's about f---ing time."

In honor of Sanders, who has proven himself a "worthy adversary" of the elite, Colbert's character ate Bernie's name out of caviar. He took a moment to compose himself afterward, then continued joking about Sanders' platform focus on "giving everyone everything they want."

"He stayed in the race so long after being mathematically eliminated, he also won the state of denial," said Colbert, before messing up his blue wig and saying goodbye to Sanders in Hunger Games style.