Bernie Sanders Supporter Susan Sarandon Hits Elizabeth Warren's Republican Past

Susan Sarandon - 2015 Clayton Kershaw's 4th Annual Ping Pong for Purpose - Getty - H 2018
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"He is not someone who used to be a Republican," the actress said of Warren at a campaign event in Iowa.

Actress Susan Sarandon, introducing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at a campaign event Monday in Iowa, appeared to take a jab at one of his main rivals.

Speaking at the Cedar County for Bernie Ice Cream Social, Sarandon indirectly called out Warren's past as a registered Republican.

"He is not someone who used to be a Republican," Sarandon said of Sanders. "He is not someone who used to take money — or still takes money — from Wall Street. He is the real deal.” 

Sarandon has publicly supported Sanders for a long time, and made a $2,800 donation to his campaign Feb. 19, according to Federal Election Commission records.

This election cycle, she's also made donations to two members of the so-called Squad, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Besides Sanders, the only other Democratic presidential candidate she's donated to is congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, giving $500 in March.

Sarandon, however, has tweeted positively about Warren in the past. In April 2016, she wrote: "I want a woman to be Pres. The RIGHT woman. Looking at you @SenWarren."

Back in 2014, she tweeted a story headlined "The Speech That Could Make Elizabeth Warren the Next President of the United States."

Sanders has also spoken positively about Warren on the campaign trail and generally avoids opportunities to criticize her.

Warren has said that she left the Republican Party in the 1990s. In a 2014 interview, she said, "I was with the GOP for a while because I really thought that it was a party that was principled in its conservative approach to economics and to markets. And, I feel like the GOP party just left that. They moved to a party that said, 'No, it’s not about a level playing field. It’s now about a field that’s gotten tilted.'"