Bernstein into the wild for Discovery


Discovery Communications has tapped explorer, author and wilderness educator Josh Bernstein to host and produce specials and series exclusively for Discovery Channel.

Bernstein will serve as field explorer and executive producer on series and specials covering such topics as anthropology, archaeology and environmental issues. Bernstein, who has hosted History Channel's adventure/archaeology series "Digging for the Truth" for the past three years, joins Discovery Channel in April.

Bernstein is "the real deal, and his passions in the environment, indigenous cultures and sustainable living will help further the mission of the network," said Jane Root, president and GM of Discovery Channel and Science Channel. "We look forward to expanding his persona and expertise into all (Discovery Communications) multimedia platforms."

Bernstein has nearly 20 years of wilderness survival experience and environmental advocacy. Since 1997, he has been president and CEO of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School, which touts itself as the oldest and largest survival school in the world.

"As my friends know, my passion for exploration and teaching extends far beyond history and archaeology," Bernstein said. "Discovery Channel provides the perfect place for me to both host and create educational and entertaining content that furthers that passion."

Meanwhile, a History Channel spokesperson said "Digging for the Truth" will be back for a fourth season.

"We're looking to expand the series and keep it fresh and exciting and go on more extreme adventures," the spokesperson said, adding that more details are forthcoming.