8 Podcasts to Feed Your Appetite for Fashion

StylePodcastSplit - H 2016

StylePodcastSplit - H 2016

Because it’s a long plane ride home from Sundance.

Following Serial's success, pop culture has officially ushered in the age of podcasts. And for fashion enthusiasts, that just means one more medium to indulge in. From lighthearted discussions to business-focused conversations, there's a little something out there for everyone.

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So whether you're headed back to Los Angeles from the Sundance Film Festival, getting ready to travel to New York Fashion Week or simply looking for a new distraction during your commute, we've rounded up eight fashion podcasts that will definitely make you want to click "subscribe." 

For those interested in breaking into the industry:
Oh Boy by Man Repeller

In the time she spun her personal style blog, Man Repeller, into a full-blown editorial site, Leandra Medine landed some pretty impressive friends a long the way. Oh Boy, hosted by Jay Buim, features interviews with industry entrepreneurs such as Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss and Glossier and Alicia Yoon of Peach & Lily, as well as up-and-coming personalities including Mamie Gummer and Hari Nef, all of whom detail their path to success.

Vibe: Buim’s soothing (dare we say, sexy) voice carries the podcasts along while allowing his guests to shine.
Noteworthy episodes: "Alexa Chung," "Hari Nef," "Stacey London"

For the fashion nerd:
American Fashion Podcast

If you’re looking for musings on the future of the fashion world in terms of business models, ethics, fashion media or the industry’s impact on the environment, American Fashion Podcast is for you. Hosts Charles Beckwith, Seth Freidermann and Lisa-Maria Radano are each industry vets who know just the right questions to ask their guests, which have included Business of Fashion’s Lauren Sherman and The Good Wife costume designer Daniel Lawson.

Vibe: The hosts keep it very professional in the studio, making for a meaningful, insightful conversations.
Noteworthy episodes: "Nothing to Wear But Fear Itself," "Costume Designer Daniel Lawson," "Lauren Sherman Makes Fashion Magazines You Want to Read"

For the Anna Wintour enthusiast:
Vogue Podcast

Hosted by the fabulous Andre Leon Talley, Vogue’s podcast delves behind the scenes of America’s most fascinating fashion publication. Of course, as a former Vogue editor, Talley is able to give listeners unparalleled access to the magazine’s most legendary talent, including fashion director Tonne Goodman and yes, even Anna Wintour.

Vibe: Talley definitely keeps it light and entertaining.
Noteworthy episode: “ALT Interviews Ben Stiller and Fashion Director Tonne Goodman on the February Cover”

For the sassy millennial fashion lover:
Fashion Hags

Despite what their name implies, the Fashion Hags are actually comprised of a trio of Millennial BFFs who gab about their shared love of fashion. Sarcasm and snark definitely seep into their lively conversations, which touch on everything from Kylie Jenner’s latest shenanigans to the current designer shake-ups happening at top fashion houses. The podcast isn’t exactly revelatory, but it’s fun to listen to nonetheless — like an accidentally eavesdropped conversation that you can’t turn away from.

Vibe: All the sass and snark of gossipy coffeehouse chatter.
Noteworthy episodes: “Haute Couture,” “Musical Chairs”

For your weekly fashion news update:
Pop Fashion

Two funny ladies — stylist Kaarin Vembar and vintage-store owner Lisa Rowan — breakdown the fashion news in quick, weekly podcasts that make business-y fashion stories fun and easy to understand. Similar to The Skimm newsletter, Vembar and Rowan keep listeners up-to-date on the ins and outs of the fashion world.

Vibe: Upbeat but informative info from ladies who know their stuff.
Noteworthy episode: “Iris Apfel Fashion, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Procrastination”

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Non-Fashion Podcasts with Cool Fashion Stuff:
Stuff You Missed in History Class

Calling all history buffs: This podcast features 30-minute recaps of a humongous range of historical events from all over the world. Queen Victoria’s court scandal? Covered. The Whiskey Rebellion? Covered. Plus, there’s a healthy dose of fashion history sprinkled in for good measure.

Noteworthy episodes: "Author Interview: Fashion History With April Calahan," "The House of Worth and the Birth of Haute Couture," "A Historically Inspired Gentleman’s Wardrobe"

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told you is an informative, fun, generalized podcast for women, with the occasional fashion-related episode here and there. Come for the juicy details about the “hidden lives” of fashion bloggers, stay for the insight on “a feminist marriage.”

Noteworthy episodes:" Athleisure," "The Hidden Lives of Fashion Bloggers"

The New Yorker: Out Loud

The New Yorker’s Out Loud podcast has a treasure trove of pop-culture goodies, including discussions about the effect of Joan Didion’s authoritative demeanor as well as a discourse on Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck. The occasional fashion commentaries, many with staff fashion writer Judith Thurman, hit all the right notes.

Noteworthy episode: "Lizzie Widdicombe and Judith Thurman on Full-Figure Fashion"